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Dr. Tonis

Working side by side with medical physicians over the past 20 years he has an appreciation of how the integration of allopathic and holistic medicine works to help the patient get the most comprehensive care. He treats patients of all ages with a myriad of conditions. He particularly likes treating patients with chronic back pain and sports injuries. Dr Tonis takes an aggressive approach to treatment and attempts to get the patient back their pre-injury status as quick as possible.

He has extensive experience in working with allopathic physicians. He was integral in initiating one of the first chiropractic teams to be a part of a New York hospital Emergency Department. He has setup multiple rehabilitation departments within large multiple specialty clinics helping bring an integrated approach to the delivery system within those organizations. This has helped cost containment while allowing the facilities to render more appropriate and efficient care to their patients.

He takes this knowledge and applies it to the practice on a daily basis. Treatments are streamlined for maximum effect. As new therapies are introduced to the marketplace Dr Tonis is sure to get informed and add them to his practice if justified. Thousands of patients can attest the he still has a strong love for the profession and a deeper love for helping them get and stay well.

Dr Tonis participated in the medical care post the tragic 9-11 attacks. He was stationed for many weeks in both the Marriot and St John’s Red Cross triage centers. He treated hundreds of first responders and will forever be humbled by their courage and superhuman response. He continues to aid the city by being a member of the NYC Medical Reserve Corps.

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Our staff understands that you come in with a variety of concerns: fear both that your pain is untreatable as well as fear of the actual treatment delivered.

We also know that in these difficult economic times money is a real barrier to getting the proper treatment. That is why we have a very large insurance panel that we are in-network with. This means we will accept your insurance as most payment in many circumstances.

Our cutting edge rehabilitation platform is based on the most current protocols in the marketplace. We continually adapt to the ever-changing environment and implement to newest research into our practice for optimal results. We never stop learning and bringing these new found ideas into our practice.

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Dr. Lezamiz

Dr. Lezamiz is a 1990 Graduate of New York Chiropractic College where he graduated with clinical honors. He is one of a handful of chiropractors in New York State to hold hospital privileges in metro NYC. He has dedicated his professional career to focusing on the multidisciplinary approach to back pain.

Dr Lezamiz is also dedicated to the rehabilitation and ongoing care of athletes. He makes every attempt to get athletes back on the field in the shortest time possible while limiting the amount of damage they can cause while performing. He has extensive experience working with elite athletes.

Dr. Lezamiz has been a team physician for the ING NYC Marathon for the past 9 years treating hundreds of runners with a myriad of injuries.