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At Embassy Chiropractic we are walking distance from the United Nations and many foreign consulates. We have treated patients from a variety of nations as well as the General Consulate.  Our staff knows that there are often time constraints as well as other factors that our unique patient base needs and we always aim to make these non-issues within our office. If it is a special appointment time, insurance coverage or type of treatment we are happy to accommodate. Of course we also understand that there are thousands of other businesses located near our office and we offer the same over the top service to all of you as well.

At Embassy Chiropractic we offer several different treatments. Conventional Chiropractic treatment is used in many cases. This consists of manual manipulation of the spine in order to gain back lost motion within the spinal segments. Often a “clicking” sound is heard as the joint is released. Many patients experience tremendous relief of pain, spasm and increase of motion after this treatment.  

We are licensed chiropractors for over 20 years and understand that this treatment is not for everyone. That is why we offer other types of adjusting and non-adjusting treatments as well. We utilize electronic manipulation equipment that is computerized and gently vibrates the joints to release the tension in them. There is “cracking” noise heard at all and no twisting or turning of the neck or back to accomplish the treatment. Spinal decompression is a common term used to treat low back pain and disc injuries and we offer this type of care as well.

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In addition to these Chiropractic techniques mentioned we also utilize a variety of adjunctive therapy modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, heating pads, ice packs and Bio-Freeze. Never forgetting the soft tissue aspects of our patient’s pain we implement both manual and electrical therapeutic treatments.

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Recent News

Physical Therapy

Our office now has on-site physical therapy delivered by a NYS licensed Physical Therapist.

All of the most current treatment platforms are offered to best serve you and get you well in the least amount of time.

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Pain Management

Board Certified Surgeons and Pain Management Physicians now offer trigger point injections, nerve blocks, spinal implants devices and other state of the art treatments at our facility.

Specialising in Back pain

With over 20 years experience each of our Chiropractors offer a great deal of versatility and expertise in the treatment of many common conditions related to the spine.

We have other complementary spinal professionals on-site that are available for consult and/or treatment. We believe that your spinal related pain will get the best attention possible at our office. We hope you allow us the opportunity to show what we are able to deliver.

You should not have to get care 3 times a week for months on end in order to get well. You need a plan to get well and stay well without coming to the office.

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A home exercise program is integral to your rehabilitation and at Embassy Chiropractic we will formulate a specific program designed just for you.

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Your spinal care physician needs to understand your lifestyle, work requirements and health limitations. All of these are taken into consideration when a proper long term successful plan is proposed.

Conditions of Back pain, Spinal Damage and Sciatica

Below is a list of the main conditions treated by us